Whether you have specific ailments, problem areas or just want to unwind and relax, each treatment at The Massage Room aims to treat your individual requirements and needs.

​Do you suffer from pain, injuries, headaches, stress or lack of sleep? Do you simply want to take time away from the hassles of life? Are you looking for a professional and effective natural therapy?


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We take time to listen to our clients, and try to understand each individual need. We are committed to providing the best possible treatments through a wide range of techniques and professional advice.

If you’re looking for a relaxing and therapeutic massage then we can offer you the very best in relaxing Holistic massage – This is the perfect treatment for overall body relaxation to help ease, relax and soothe aches and pains away.


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If you are seeking Pain-relief, Injury Recovery, Maintenance, Stress relief, Mobility, Improvement, Posture Correction, Easing of Tension and  Aches or Simply Peace and Serenity. We aim to help relieve tension, stress and ongoing chronic issues. Support athletes and amateur sports people to achieve their potential. We empower people to take ownership of their well-being. 

​Please note that all appointments need to be pre-booked.

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