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About Us

Based in Caversham: The Massage Room is a professional, experienced and fully insured practice that provides the very best in holistic massage treatments. Zoe has trained in Holistic Massage Therapy with the Massage Training Institute, NVQ Level 4 (MTI). This involved anatomy, physiology and pathology. She has also completed her Medical Acupuncture Training at the Osteopathic Association Clinic with OMT Training and has now gained her Certificate of Medical Acupuncture for the treatment of Musculoskeletal pain. Covering neuro-chemical mechanisms, neurogenic & general pain mechanisms: scientific research problems, Myofasial pain diagnosis & treatment. Additionally performed clinical examination of a number of physiological and medical illnesses to a satisfactory standard. covered medical acupuncture techniques, red flags, hygiene and contraindications

On going training in a wide range of techniques also includes:

  • Deep tissue Massage, Trigger Point & Niel-Asher Technique, Reflexology, Abdominal Massage,
  • Joint Mobilisations, Passive Stretches & Thai Stretch, Gentle Massage & Gentle Holds
  • Hot Stone Massage & Swedish Massage, Energy Massage Technique & Myofascial Release Techniques

Zoe also regularly attends on going courses, conferences and workshops to expand and improve her knowledge this helps to improve her techniques. This forms part of her Continued Professional Development (CPD). As a fully qualified massage therapist, Zoe is registered with the Massage Training Institute (MTI), The Complimentary Healthcare Council (CNHC) and has full professional Insurance.​